Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nicki Minaj - Roman in Moscow/Stupid Hoe

While people were worried Nicki was re-releasing Pink Friday due to the similarity in album titles, Nicki began bombing us relatively quickly with buzz singles for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, which, as Nicki confirmed on Twitter, will be a brand new LP. It's surprising that the album drops February 13th, yet the official first single Va Va Voom has yet to be released, though it was rumored that it would be January 3rd...but that was yesterday...

The first buzz single she dropped was Roman in Moscow. It's intense, it's nuts, it's Roman on crack. On my first listen, I was not impressed at all. It was stupid as hell. It took several listens and then I could get into the fun of the song. Her intensity is incredible and despite chanting "Roman, yo what the f**k" a million times, the flow in some of the verses is phenomenal. She also lets it out that she had no one left to impress when she says "Ain't no muthaf**kin' bridge, b**ch, ain't no muthaf**kin' third muthaf**kin' verse." I determined this track had to be the intro to the album, rather than an official single. I knew it would bomb, in the bad sense, on radio. Later, I found out it was just a buzz single and I was incredibly relieved. Finally, after a million jam sessions in my car, I can sit and give this song 3/5. The edited performance of the song on New Years was slightly hilarious because it took out every other word! The studio version and the New Years performance are below:

Not more than a few weeks after Roman in Moscow started snatching wigs, Nicki, or should I say Roman, unexpectedly launched Stupid Hoe on us. I was concerned with the amount of comedy and insanity Nicki was placing on these singles. It made me nervous for the rest of the album. Nonetheless, I could not deny that they were fun. Stupid Hoe reminds us all of THAT one girl we know....or in some of our cases, a lot of girls we know! This song can also be taken as another Lil Kim diss. Either way, it's a bundle of fun, but too silly to be taken seriously. And her garbled shouting at the end sends listeners running for Tylenol. However, I still love her and enjoy this track. Once again, thankful it was not the first official single! Overall, 3/5 again. Check it out below:

With that out of the way, where-oh-where is Va Va Voom....I need it in my life. Hopefully, we find out soon...I need her or Xtina's new!

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