Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jessie J - Domino

Jessie J may take a minute for people to like. In fact, she did for me. However, I gave her several listens and ended up really liking her. I love what she stands for and I love that she isn't afraid to be unique. She's getting it alright where GaGa took "individuality" wrong. She has had one mildly successful hit in the US with "Price Tag." Despite other incredible singles such as "Who You Are," she has yet to have another smash....but the time is upon us. Her new single "Domino" has been making airplay gains something fierce. I hope this song smashes its way to #1 on Billboard for her.

The track is so much fun. I find myself listening to it 2 or 3 times in a row when I put it on. I adore the lines "I can't taste potential like a cloud of smoke in the air, now I'm breathin' like I'm runnin' cause you're taking me there, don't you know, you spin me outta control." Check it out. It was definitely one of the best songs I have heard in some time! It can definitely bring some competition to Rihanna's reign at the top of the charts, though Katy or Bruno will snatch it before then. Overall, the song by itself is a 5/5.

The music video is unique, I love the direction and production of it. Some of her outfits were a bit awkward, but, hey, it's Jessie J. I absolutely dig the green background in the video. The video gets a 5/5 as well! Get it Jessie! Check out the video below:

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