Friday, December 16, 2011

The Top 20 Albums of 2011

The time has come sitting here on a surprisingly warm December day to go on and reveal the top 20 albums of 2011. To be fair, rather than just utilizing my own personal opinion, I did this year's list by taking the number of tracks I love off of each album and dividing them by the total number of tracks (on the deluxe edition if it had one). This results in a percentage that put them in order. I found two or three discrepancies about where certain albums landed, but the numbers do not lie.

20. LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking

Coming in with a 4/11 at #20 is LMFAO's Sorry for Party Rocking. While this album is a stellar leap ahead for the group over their last album, I still cannot seem to totally enjoy a lot of their music. My picks from the album were Party Rock Anthem, Sexy and I Know It, Sorry For Party Rocking, and Take It to the Hole.
Overall - 4/11 - 36.4%

19. Lady GaGa - Born This Way
It has been well known my disgust with Lady GaGa as a human. However, I do love some of her music. She landed back here at #19 simply on percentage. With the deluxe copy wielding 17 tracks, I have only gotten pleasure out of 7 of them. The six tracks being: Marry the Night, Born this Way, Judas, Hair, Bad Kids, You and I, and The Edge of Glory. The rest of the tracks were a bit off and not listener friendly. My advice to her for next album, drop the horrible artwork director, make shorter music videos, and drop the stupid antics. Go back to "The Fame" Lady GaGa because you are on a downward spiral here.
Overall - 7/17 - 41.2%

18. Natalia Kills - Perfectionist
 Early in the year, I praised Natalia Kills as the up and coming Lady GaGa. Here, at the end of the year, she shows up, ripping the wig off GaGa's head to usurp the #18 spot. The album could have been much better but the tracks that shine really do shine such as Wonderland, Acid Annie, Kill My Boyfriend, Break You Hard, and Love is a Suicide. It was a good album, slightly sad that it has not really impacted the US music market yet. Check out Kill My Boyfriend if you haven't.
Overall - 5/12 - 41.7%

17. Blake Shelton - Red River Blue
Shelton returns this year with his best album yet. I always fail to be impressed by male country artists but he is really winning me over. The tracks that grabbed ahold of me included Honey Bee, God Gave Me You, Over, I'm Sorry (with Martina McBride), and Red River Blue (with Miranda Lambert). A definite album for country fans.
Overall - 5/11 - 45.6% 

16. Kelly Rowland - Here I Am
Rowland makes her return after a several year hiatus with what appears to be her best album yet, despite horrible sales numbers and not much luck on the billboard charts. The album came in a standard, deluxe, and a recently released international edition presenting 17 tracks between the three. I was still left feeling underwhelmed. The only tracks that really grab and shook me were I'm Dat Chick, Motivation, Lay It On Me (with Big Sean), Feelin' Me Right Now, Down For Whatever, Turn It Up, Heaven & Earth, and What a Feeling.
Overall - 8/17 - 47% 
15.Daughtry - Break the Spell
For an all-male group, Daughtry breaks out of the typical. It has to be Chris Daughtry's electrifying vocals that exceed my expectations where other bands like Nickelback don't. Break the Spell contends to be Daughtry's best album. I have recently become addicted to Crawling Back to You. Also, I am loving Outta My Head, Renegade, Gone Too Soon, Maybe We're Already Gone, Louder Than Ever, Start of Something Good, and Everything But Me. Check them out!
Overall - 8/16 - 50%

14.  Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullaby
Four years have passed since Lavigne released The Best Damn Thing. Finally, she returns with a completely unexpected, yet amazing album. While the record has many forgettable songs, there are seven that have worked their way onto my iPod and show no signs of leaving such as What the Hell, Push, Smile, Alice, Remember When, Wish You Were Here, and Everybody Hurts.
Overall - 7/14 - 50%

13. Selena Gomez & the Scene - When the Sun Goes Down
I would be lying if I said I was NOT shocked to see Selena this high up on the countdown. This album initially disappointed me, but, as time passed, I found myself growing more and more fond of six tracks from it. The tracks include: Who Says, Bang Bang Bang, We Own the Night, Hit the Lights, Whiplash, and My Dilemma. This seems to have been the year where the Disney and Nickelodeon stars broke out of their "childish" shells and started making "real" music.
Overall - 6/11 - 54.5%

12. Jennifer Lopez - LOVE?
I was saddened to see Jennifer Lopez's best album to date fall this far back on  the chart. It was the deluxe tracks that doomed her. This has been an incredible year for J Lo despite the poor sales of the album itself. With only 245,000, it seems to be setting sail in the same bind that Bionic did for Xtina. The songs you cannot afford to miss off this album are: On the Floor (with Pitbull), Good Hit, I'm into You (with Lil Wayne), (What is) Love?, Papi, Until It Beats No More, Invading My Mind, Starting Over, Hypnotico, and Charge Me Up. The only negative thing I have to say about J Lo is that her Peugot product placement is getting pretty pathetic.
Overall - 10/16 - 62.5%

11. Leann Rimes - Lady & Gentlemen
At first look, I let out a major sigh and was like, "Really right now? ANOTHER Leann Rimes cover album?" However, once it released and I listened to it, I was instantly hooked. The album could have done without her cover of her other cover of Blue. The majority of the album kills it though. I am not going to list every track I'm in love with but there are 9. Ones to be certain not to miss are the original songs Give and Crazy Women, as well as the covers such as 16 Tons and He Stopped Loving Her Today.
Overall - 9/14 - 64.3%

10. Jessie J - Who You Are
I was sad to see this album that has changed my life so drastically in the past year fall victim to its tough competition that makes up the top 10. I actually hated this entire album except one track when it first released. Looking back, I have no clue how. I am madly in love with Who You Are, Domino, My Shadow, LaserLight, Price Tag, Stand Up, Do It Like a Dude, Who's Laughing Now, Nobody's Perfect, and Big White Room. Jessie J is going to be big. This album may be hard to top though!
Overall - 11/16 - 68.8%

9. Demi Lovato - Unbroken
I had never paid Demi a second of attention previous to this album. I did not even have a clue what she had gone into rehab for. I took the chance to give her the time of day when Skyscraper was released on iTunes and I was blown away! The song became one of my anthems instantly. Then, the album released and FLOORED me. Tracks not to be missed include: Mistake, Unbroken, Give Your Heart a Break, My Love is Like a Star, All Night Long (with Missy Elliott and Timbaland), Who's That Boy (with Dev), Hold Up, Fix a Heart, and Together (with Jason Derulo).
Overall - 10/14 - 71.4%

8. Dev - The Night the Sun Came Up
Does this one count since it hasn't seen a US release, been pushed back twice and won't be here until at least March if ever? If you said yes, okay, here it goes. (Sorry, the delays have made me bitter!) This album stunned me. I have been in love with Dev since Booty Bounce (which I was sad did not make the album, at least at this point). In the Dark had me chanting "I've got a sex drive that's pushed to start" subconsciously for weeks. Once the entire album leaked, it was on repeat for weeks as well. Songs not to be missed include: Getaway, In My Trunk, Me, Take Her from You, Lightspeed, Perfect Match, and Bass Down Low.
Overall - 8/12 - 75%

7. Britney Spears - Femme Fatale
This album was another that I instantly deemed a flop when it leaked. I originally only kept 5 tracks and deleted the rest. Over the year, mostly summer, it grew on me. I can now safely say that this is a pretty decent album as Brit's albums go. I just wish she would have washed her hair before taking the cover picture! Anywhooo, the songs not to be missed are: Till the World Ends, Hold It Against Me, Inside Out, I Wanna Go, Seal It With a Kiss, Up n' Down, Don't Keep Me Waiting, Selfish, How I Roll, (Drop Dead) Beautiful, Trouble for Me, and He About to Lose Me.
Overall - 12/16 - 75%

6. David Guetta - Nothing But the Beat
This time last year, I would have told you that David Guetta is just another ugly French DJ. I never in a million years could have imagined the smash record he was working on! Nothing But the Beat leaked and I haven't stopped listening since. Not going to lie, I was pretty much hooked since the original leak of Where Them Girls At? (with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj). Other tracks not to miss are: Turn Me On (with Nicki Minaj), Sweat (with Snoop Dogg), Titanium (with Sia), Without You (with Usher), I Can Only Imagine (with Chris Brown & Lil Wayne), I Just Wanna F. (with Timbaland & Dev), Repeat (with Jessie J), Night of Your Life (with Jennifer Hudson), and Little Bad Girl (with Ludacris & Taio Cruz). I don't even think Guetta was prepared for how much this album took off in the US.
Overall - 10/14 - 76.9%

5. Miranda Lambert - Four the Record
I have been a Miranda Lambert fan since day one, but nothing could have prepared me for such an honest, emotional, and beautiful record from her. Granted, I could have used more of her typical style but this album amazed me. Baggage Claim got me pumped for it well in advance and I think the wait paid off. Tracks not to miss include: Over You, Fastest Girl in Town, Safe, All Kinds of Kinds, Hurts to Think, Oklahoma Sky, Easy Living, Better in the Long Run (with Blake Shelton), Mama's Broken Heart, Nobody's Fool, and Dear Diamond.
Overall - 12/15 - 80%

4. Kelly Clarkson - Stronger
Kelly Clarkson  never disappoints. I have been working to be a stronger person in life and this album dropped and was a total inspiration. It had a couple mediocre tracks that dropped it back to #4 but still is an entire album that you cannot afford to miss. Mr. Know It All was picked as the lead single because Let Me Down leaked way too early. Both are amazing songs, but I was hooked from the leak of Let Me Down. I pray the released of What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) as a single brings this album the success it deserves. I have spent many hours of my life since the leak belt these tracks in my car. I remember running to the mailbox to get my copy the day it finally dropped. Tracks not to be missed include: The War is Over, What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger), Mr. Know It All, You Love Me, Let Me Down, The Sun Will Rise, Don't Be a Girl About It, I Forgive You, Honestly, Dark Side, Breaking Your Own Heart, You Can't Win, Standing In Front of You, Don't You Want to Stay (with Jason Aldean), and Einstein.
Overall - 15/18 - 83.3%

3. Beyonce - 4
It has been a big year for Bey. This album was by far her best and extremely underrated. It exceeds in album sales where other artists have been only selling singles. While it has yet to produce a smash single, the album has gone platinum! Best Thing I Never Had has been my anthem and a dedication to those who had their chance and blew it. Tracks not to be missed are: 1+1, I Care, I Miss You, Best Thing I Never Had, Party (with Andre 3000), Rather Die Young, Start Over, Love on Top, Countdown, I Was Here, Run the World (Girls), Lay Up Under Me, Schoolin' Life, and Dreaming (only available on the Japanese edition, sadly since it's one of the absolute best songs on the album.)
Overall - 15/17 - 87.5%

2. Adele - 21
This difficult decision will probably land me the most scorn of them all. I blame it on the numbers. I honestly expected her to take the cake (and eat it too)! This album is flawless. Every song is Grammy worthy and she sells like hot dogs at fat camp. 2 smash #1 singles and one at to Set Fire to #1 soon. She's unstoppable and it is completely understandable. The only song I did not care for on this album was Lovesong. I did not like The Cure's version and her's did not change my mind. That is what knocked her down.
Overall - 11/12 - 91.6%

1. Rihanna - Talk That Talk
This will be a controversial decision, but either way I decided to rank them whether it be plays on iTunes or by the percentage of tracks I love, this album was number one with a bullet. That Rihanna reign just won't let up. This decision is not because I love her. If this was based on personal opinion, I would have landed this at #2 and Adele at #1 (sorry, Rih!) but she has captured the #1 album of 2011 with the only song I don't care for (and listen to on a daily basis) being You Da One, which sadly was the second single. I'm not sure what she was thinking on that one but it's flopping. The rest of the album is not to be missed! Congrats to Rihanna on the biggest #1 single of the year on Billboard with We Found Love as well!
Overall - 13/14 - 92.8%

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