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MTV VMAs Winners and Performance Reviews

This year's VMAs had quite a few shocks, poor performances, and disappointments. However, they also provided some killer performances, surprises, and some long deserved awards. To begin this review with, let's discuss the awards and how my predictions matched up.

Award Results:
The first award of the night to be given away, sadly during the pre-show and not even during the actual show, was Best Video with a Message. The award as I predicted went to Lady GaGa for Born this Way, despite my opinion being that Born this Way was the worst option of them all. I am utterly disgusted about this. This was the category I was looking forward to most and was disappointed as I predicted.

The second award to be presented in the event was Best Pop Video. Shockingly, the award went to Britney Spears' Till the World Ends. My prediction was that Adele would take the cake even though I would have picked Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.). I still think someone paid someone off to get Britney that award. That or the fanbase that still thinks she's talented even though she hasn't sung live since like 2003.

Next, Best Rock Video was presented and the award went to my pick during the predictions which was Walk by the Foo Fighters. Shockingly, Foster the People did not pick up any awards. So much for that number one single on iTunes. Guess it didn't matter!

Best Hip-Hop Video blew me away when it was presented to Nicki Minaj's Super Bass. In the predictions, I referred to her as the underdog being the only female in this category. Bet Lil Kim is off fashioning an angry mix tape that will repeatedly cut her down as well as MTV. She'll toss it together in a week's time and sell it through PayPal...and then act like her career is still relevant. GO NICKI! Lil Wayne was my prediction and even though he was trumped by his protege, he was still an awesome sport about it and was incredibly happy for her.

Best Collaboration went to Katy Perry and Kayne West for E.T. as predicted. Katy Perry had me cracking up when she was like "This is the part where you interrupt me, Kayne." I thought it was scripted at first but the look on his face and the way he ignored it told me otherwise. I love me some Katy Perry.

Best Male Video as usual went to Justin Bieber for his song U Smile. I obviously was not in my right mind when I was predicting this category. I should have known the Biebs would suck this one up being that it was fan voted and he has a swarm of insane, almost possessed prepubescent teens on his side. Cee Lo Green as my prediction? I must have had temporary insanity!

Best New Astist went to Tyler, the Creator. Now all together...WHO THE HELL IS TYLER, THE CREATOR? I have to suggest that this category was rigged....or Wiz Khalifa's fanbase was just too stoned to vote for the right guy, saw a black dude and voted there.

Best Female Video went to Lady Gaga for Born this Way. Big shocker, I know, right. Once again, I was horribly disappointed. But, what can you do when the little monsters flock to the polls. I think it's funny that Gaga won this award, yet Katy Perry won Video of the Year. Adele has gotten beaten out to every award at this show. Granted, Rolling in the Deep wasn't a terribly exciting video, but I still think vocals should have snagged her something! Anyway, I was so happy my choice took the gold home for Video of the Year and Gaga missed the nomination all together!

Overall, I was 3 for 9. Fan voted award shows are tricky to guess! 

Now there was a plethora of performances last night, however, I am only going to touch on the ones I felt were worth mentioning. 
Off the bat, we had Lady Gaga performing in her male alter ego. The performance was lacking in my opinion. She was crazy, but what else is new? She fell as Lady Gaga does every now and then. I just wasn't into it, I found the performance slightly creepy. However, to veer away from my usual hating on Lady Gaga, I actually enjoyed her in character after the performance, such as her crying and fist pumping after Beyonce's performance. She was more normal as a male. Kind of like she was a natural, no tranny pun intended. Her outlandish outfits found on her usual award outings met their match at the show though with Nicki Minaj's wardrobe malfunction from Hell, the malfunction being that it left her closet.

While not being a performance, one of my favorite moments in the show was the dialogue between Rick Ross and Paul Rudd. I searched desperately for it on YouTube but couldn't find it. So, I will quote my favorite part here that came when they were discussing how they get mixed up for each other occasionally.
Paul: I don't see how, I'm not an enormous black man.
Rick: Yeah, and I'm not stupid.

After the hilarious exchanges between the aforementioned duo, Pitbull came out and performed the same typical performance. I'm so over Pitbull and his product placement. You could make a drinking game out of how many times he says Kodak in Give Me Everything. Pitbull had me cracking up in the pre-show with leaving tickets at the door for Lindsay Lohan, basically taunting her after she attempted to sue for the line "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan." Hysterical! How do you like them apples, Lindsay?

Adele gave one of the top vocal performances of the night. Who else can stand at a microphone and sing a heart wrenching slow song such as Someone Like You and simply keep everyone's attention with her vocal power? My only complaint is that I swear Adele has he same dress for every performance. Honey, you're rich! Splurge! And let the beehive die with Amy Winehouse (whose memorial thing annoyed me. Too long, in fact, was almost longer than her career). Also, I enjoy how Katy Perry addressed the way MTV screwed Rihanna over with no nominations by having Cheers (Drink to That) played as Perry came out to introduce the gorgeous woman named Adele. By the way, if I hear one more Adele is Fat joke, regardless of how funny it is, I'm going to scream! She looks great the way she is. Get up off her!

After Adele came Chris Brown with his stupid dance show during which he lip-synced. Like everyone who knows anything about pop culture knows Chris Brown can dance. The whole thing was a bunch of overkill that bored me to death. 

Lady Gaga's presenting the Vanguard award to Britney as "Lamnia," her male alter ego, struck me as a bit insulting. Luckily, Brit didn't take it that way. I would have been mad if it was my tribute. The little kids did an awesome job with their performance but still, who wants to be honored with a megamix choreographed with elementary kids dancing. At least, Britney laughed the whole thing off

I saved the best performance for last and that would be Beyonce's terrific rendition of Love on Top. After announcing her pregnancy, she took to the stage and blew the entire crowd away. The best way to adequately describe the performance is to say watch it! I love Bey's retro outfit and, man, do her vocals blow you away. She never lip-syncs and that is how true talent rolls. This single performance just showed up Britney Spears' entire career. Wait, there was a tribute in this show like four minutes ago? I don't recall! I crack myself up. I wasn't a huge fan of the belly rub at the end but everyone else seems to be. My favorite moment is when the camera cuts to Adele and she is jamming along until she realizes the camera is on her and then she froze like a stone. If you missed it, watch the video below!
P.s. sorry that wasn't the greatest quality. You can find the good one at:

Below you can find some tweets that occurred during the show that I found amusing:
@MartianFatale: "Christina Aguilera was invited to this years ceremony, but she probably won't be done with the pre-show buffet in time." 
@MartianFatale: "I'm not gonna watch Lady Gaga. I'm gonna listen from the kitchen. I don't want the Lamnia to crawl out of tv and drag me to hell."
@MartianFatale: "DEAD @ Pitbull leaving tickets for Lindsay at will call! I am SCREAMING."
@MartianFatale: "I'm so glad Britney's label bought that award! I didn't want her to go home empty handed!"
@BettyFckinWhite: "Why did they remove that guy who was just walking on stage? He was gonna let Kanye finish, he just wanted to say something. "
@PerezHilton: "Beyonce would never lipsynch! And bitch would sing her face off! AND fly! And do it all in heels! "
@BettyFckinWhite: "I want to be the first to announce Beyonce is full. She had a large dinner and then rubbed her belly. "
@elprofe316: "Prayers go out to Katy Perry, who spent most of last nights with a giant lego block lodged in her skull."
@crazedmonster: "did know that he was going to the and not the homeless shelter? "
@ImMatt_WhoRYou: "Recap of the came as a man, came as Lady Gaga & Jay-z came in "
@Jasonkinney: "Does Beyonce take a wind machine everywhere she goes or does she summon the natural elements like Halle Berry in X-Men? "

Hope you all enjoyed the show!

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