Thursday, May 19, 2011

LEAKED: Lady GaGa - Born This Way (Album)

The deluxe version of GaGa's new "masterpiece" has finally leaked today. As any curious person would, I gave it a listen. I was not a fan of The Fame Monster, aside from Telephone, Bad Romance, and Dance in the Dark. I was, however, a huge fan of The Fame and after listening to Born This Way, I wish she would hurry back to the style and fun nature of her debut album that skyrocketed her to stardom. The new album is a bit dark and on the verge of insanity.

Track Listing Breakdown:
1. Marry the Night: This was a poor choice for opening the entire album. It is fun once it gets going but it sounds like every other track blasting in the Abercrombie stores across the world. Other than that, I see no real place for it to shine. It's not horrible but it's won't end up on repeat on my iPod for the rest of the year. There are definitely worse tracks on the album. All in all, I give it a 4/5.
2. Born this Way: Ah, the lead single that everyone on Earth must have heard by now. However, it is one of the best tracks on the album. Despite not being a "Little Monster", I still have this as one of my most played songs on my iPod. It's a love yourself anthem done up in the style of 80s Madonna. I don't think it will burn out any time soon. It's a "feel good" anthem and it works. Even with a dislike for Lady GaGa, I find myself fist pumping along and singing as I cruise down the road. I'm probably an interesting sight to see but I get into it. The lyrics are slightly lacking, but it's still good song. The video was a major turn off to me. It is terrible and way too long. It took about a month after watching it for me to start listening to the track again. Just don't watch the video, the song is a definite must however. 5/5
3. Government Hooker: I don't even know what to say or how I feel about this song. It's catchy. The chorus has gotten stuck in my head multiple times but the rest is very forgettable and dirty as well. GaGa definitely nods her head at the prostitutes working corners across the world with her lines, "As long as I'm your hooker, just turn around" and "I'll make you squeal baby, as long as you pay me." Normally, I would snub a track like this. However, I got hooked with "I'm gonna drink my tears tonight, I'm gonna drink my tears and cry." She presents some interesting imagery that is an English major's dream. Taking into account the lyrical filth, I'll give this a 4/5.
4. Judas: It can be catchy despite its Oriental-influenced verses. I doubt that's what she intended but the choppy shouting verses give me that impression. I love the breakdown at 2:50. That would hands down be the best part of the song. The song was okay but, after watching it several times, the video is what sold me on this song. Granted, the first time I watched the video I hated it. So, give this song a chance to grow on you. It's certainly catchy...even the oriental parts. It's weak chart performance has kind of shocked me. If you have yet to hear it, check it out. Judas receives a 3/5.
5. Americano: All I have to say is WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE. Wow was that bad. Throwing an O on the end of every word does not make a Spanish or Mexican song, just FYI GaGa. 1/5
6. Hair: While I enjoy the overall idea of the metaphor, I think it is composed in a weak manner. The first time I heard it, I had to google the lyrics to fully make out what she was saying. I love a lot of the lines in this song but lines such as "I'll die living just as free as my hair." Um, how is your hair free? You control what happens to your hair, you cut it, you wash it, you dye it etc. Your hair is not a free entity. I personally do not care for this song but it is quite catchy and I find myself singing it subconsciously so I'll give it 3/5.
7. SchieBe: My first impression of this song in the first thirty seconds was that she was trying to brainwash me! It was horrible and made my head hurt, but once the song got going (in English), it was actually funny and catchy. I could see this being a major club banger. I still had trouble trying to understand some of her lyrics. Such as, is she saying, "I wish I could dance on a single bed?" Regardless, definitely one of the best songs on the album. 4/5
8. Bloody Mary: I really don't know what to make of this song. A lot of people have said it was one of their least favorites. Initially, I thought it would be about saying "Bloody Mary" into the mirror because let's face it, GaGa is batshit crazy. Then, as the song progressed, I thought she was incorporating history about Bloody Mary from England. Then, she started tossing the religious lines in there such as "I'll dance dance dance with my hands hands hands above my head head head like Jesus said." Uh, what scripture was that? Anyway, it made me realize she's calling Mary Magdalene Bloody Mary. Weird. The screams were a bit unsettling but I think they added something unique to the song. Overall, I think this may be one of my favorites on the album after a few listens. However, at this point, I'm going to give it a 3/5
9. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion: Off the bat, I had a hard time being able to take this song serious with a title like this. Then, she starts off repeating "Jesus is the new black." What is with all the religious metaphors on the album? It makes her seem like she's talking down on religion, leaving many pondering if Lady GaGa is the antichrist...after all, Jesus is her virtue but Judas is the demon she clings to. This song sounds like another stolen track from Madonna, but what can you expect from GaGa at this point? It gets pretty repetative but it could be decent background noise. At this point, I'm going to give it one of the more negative scores for this album, 2/5.
10. Bad Kids: I still don't understand why GaGa is utilizing metal music/grunge imagery and stuff on this album at point. I mean definitely not a specialty of her core target group. The lyrics are weak on this track. "My parents got divorced cause I ruined their lives." First, I hate that she's blatantly owning up to that. Second, these lyrics could have been much better written. She says "bad kid" like ten times in a single chorus too. It has some good parts such as the second verse. Overall, it won't be one of my summer anthems for sure, especially because the chorus is strikingly similar to a Madonna track. Honestly, if I thought about it enough, I could probably pinpoint the specific song she ripped off of. 3/5
11. Fashion of His Love: Despite sounding like it was ripped straight off of Madonna's Like a Prayer album, it's one of the more normal tracks on this album. However, the song just really annoys me. Her high notes do not flatter my eardrums and it seems like she may be trying too hard. I keep turning the volume down. I know this is probably an unpopular opinion but it's mine. Not horrible, but not anything amazing. 3/5
12. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love): By this point in the album, the repetitiveness is getting a bit annoying but I think, once this song gets going, it is definitely one of the best tracks. I think the 80s rock feel it has at point, contrary to my usual hatred for the feel askew all over the other tracks.  3/5
13. Heavy Metal Lover: Many people have been citing this as one of their favorite tracks. It's not bad at all. I love the heavy riffs in the opening. I'm not a fan of her voice during the verses though...she seems to be trying to steal Ke$ha's vocal style at times. Basically, if you ignore GaGa's lyrics and voice, the song is awesome. Really, the only thing working for it is the beat. Overall, I'm going to have to slap a 2/5 on this one.
14. Electric Chapel: Definitely one of the best tracks the album has to offer. Don't miss this one. The imagery is slightly confusing and of course GaGa attempts to go religious on us again but the lyrics, vocals, and music are all excellent. The only complaint I have is it is a bit flat. It could end up being a decent summer song to cruise to. 4/5
15. The Queen: From the beginning, the vocals are excellent. GaGa really showcases her voice. I thoroughly enjoy the beat. From what I pick up in the lyrics, it's another "feel good" song. "I can be the queen." This track delievers so much better and more than Hair does. I recommend this track highly. I will be putting this track on my iPod and I foresee heavy play to follow! 4/5
16. You and I: An incredibly welcome change of pace. I've been anticipating this song since she performed it last summer. You can tell her heart is in it. I get kind of annoyed with the Nebraska yelling later into the song but I definitely enjoy it until that point. I think GaGa would shine as an artist if she stuck to tracks like this, cut down on the blood and the crazy, and just sang her heart out. Don't miss this track! 4/5
17. The Edge of Glory: Undeniably the best track on this entire album! It has already accelerated its way into the most played songs on my iTunes. As everyone is probably sick of me saying, it feels a lot like it was borrowed from Madonna's track Ray of Light. However, it works and her vocals are stellar! When this was released as a promo track, I became incredibly pumped for this CD. This song is perfect for so many situations: relationships, friendships, graduation, etc. I cannot count how many times I've opened the sunroof, put down the windows, and belted along to this track at the top of my lungs. It makes me thinking about the times I had with one of the best friends I could ever ask for who recently graduated and moved back to her hometown. Don't even consider missing this song! 5/5

Overall, I would have to give the album an average score of 3/5. GaGa most certainly did not deliver the masterpiece that would change sound, but she does drop several very good songs. If you are pumped to buy the album, I suggest taking a listen to it first to avoid being disappointed. The artwork is putrid for both the deluxe and the standard editions. I was really hoping she was joking when she tweeted them but she wasn't. If you haven't seen the cover, check it out below.
Deluxe Edition:
 Standard Edition:
Overall scores:
Artwork: 1/5
Music: 3/5

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