Friday, March 30, 2012

Leak: Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Okay, everyone knows by now that Nicki's CD finally leaked on Wednesday. I decided to not sit down and immediately review it, but rather give it some time for me to get over the thrill and the disappointment and write out a fair and honest review. Before I go into my feelings on the album as a whole, let's do a tracklist breakdown...which may take forever, having 22 tracks!
Track List:
1.Roman Holiday - Okay, I initially was very disappointed with the studio version of this track. The Grammy's performance was so good that this felt lacking off of the bat. However, I have found it to be much better since I've listened to it a few times. The insanity in it is what gives it its charm. Definitely a great song to commit acts of road rage while jamming along to! 9/10
2. Come On a Cone - From the snippet, I knew I was going to hate this song. Boy was I wrong. It's definitely one of the best rap songs on the entire album. The chorus where she insesantly babbles that it should come on a come is annoying at time, but the whole thing just gets labeled stellar when you get to her falsetto random outburst about putting her dick in someone's face. 8/10
3. I Am Your Leader - This song is fairly decent but gets overshadowed by a lot of other songs. I can honestly say it's pretty forgettable since I have yet to pick up on the lyrics or get them stuck in my head. Either way, the beat is sick and it'll be something I listen to every once in awhile. 7/10
4. Beez in the Trap - Call me a white kid, but I was like who the hell is 2 Chainz. The song was initially annoying when it first leaked before the album. It was also the edited version. The explicit version isn't something I would jam to at full volume in a neighborhood with children...and I'm not someone who really has a conscience for that....I mean, they go to public school after all. The beat is sick and Nicki goes IN. Definitely a highlight of the album! 9/10
5. HOV Lane - Another rap track that comes hard. It's a lot of fun and quite gangsta....but I wouldn't consider it a favorite. I still recommend checking it out! 7/10
6. Roman Reloaded - I don't like Lil Wayne but I still went into this with an open mind. It's not terrible but it's flat and kinda boring. 5/10
7. Champion - All I have to say is: yawn, next. 3/10
8. Right By My Side - I'm genuinely convinced she shades Rihanna in this song when she says let me check your phone. That is what caused Chris Brown to beat Rihanna's ass. Either way, this song is boring and Right Thru Me 2.0...except not as good. 4/10
9. Sex in the Lounge - I can't even finish this song. Not my cup of tea. Wake me when it's over. Boring. 2/10
10. Starships - Okay, now that the full album is here, I would have recommended not releasing this as a lead single. I honestly believe Va Va Voom was a better choice, but this song is catchy and a lot of fun. I honestly think she released this to ride the success of Super Bass and Turn Me On which makes me feel she sold out in a way. Anywhooo, decent song 7/10
11. Pound the Alarm - I swore left and right I would hate the generic pop garbage on this album but this one has won me over. I prefer when she raps over a pop beat. The pop actual singing doesn't cut it. This song is fantastic. Definitely a summer jam! 9/10
12.  Whip It - This song has some decent raps and sounds like a lot of fun, but was only good for a few plays. After that, I found myself skipping it when it would come on. Nothing overly special. 6/10
13. Automatic - The dubstep breakdown is about all that separates this track from the other recycled pop garbage Nicki threw in here. However, I find this one catchy and I could see it becoming a gradual grower. 7/10
14. Beautiful Sinner - Amongst all the We Found Love-esque music, this one shines, even if MDNA contained the songs I'm a Sinner and Beautiful Killer ... Check this one out 8/10
15. Marilyn Monroe - I've been in love with this song since it leaked in February. Check it out. So beautiful really, especially for Nicki 9/10
16. Young Forever - I need to spend more time with this one. As of right now, it's just meh okay. 6/10
17. Fire Burns - I disliked this one at first until I listened to more of the lyrics and realized it's fantastic for situations that has occurred in my life and endeared me to it. Now I love it! 9/10
18. Gun Shot - This is plain, I can't even tell you lyrics from it. Skip this one. 3/10
19. Stupid Hoe - It's insane, yet amazing and horribly catchy. One of the most played songs in my iTunes! Don't miss this one! Another road rage song or a dedication to that one ex! :) 10/10
20. Turn Me On - I am kinda annoyed this was even included. It's old news. 8/10
21. Va Va Voom - Some claim this track is boring but I think it's a fun, solid pop song and I enjoy it. 8/10
22. Masquerade - Originally, there were rumors that Britney Spears would appear on this track and I'm so glad she didn't. This is a great track about life and the whole crazy thing. I actually really like it despite originally hating the snippet. 9/10

So, let's talk about the album in general. I feel like Nicki has gone to this recycled club pop because she sees the success Super Bass and Turn Me On has. We Found Love did so well with this type of pop that's she's using it to stay relevant which is sad because her rap is one of a kind. Female rappers are rare, female pop singers are a dime-a-dozen and Nicki is not that remarkable as a pop singer. I pray she comes to her senses on her third LP. The artwork for this album is a mess, at least the deluxe. I ordered the standard just because I refused to have that hot mess of a cover in my house! This album is a decent effort but pales in comparison to Pink Friday. Either way, I still love Nicki. I give the album a 7/10 overall.

Standard Edition (19 tracks)

Deluxe Edition (22 tracks)

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